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King Savannahs

We nurture all of our Savannah kittens in our home, where they interact with dogs and children. Our cattery, situated in Durham, North Carolina, carefully selects our breeding Studs and Queens based on both physical appearance and personality, ensuring they pass down these traits to our kittens.


Natalie actively engages in the medical field for humans and possesses a profound passion for the Savannah Breed. She also holds certifications in Animal Genetics and Animal Breeding, maintaining the highest standards for her breeding program. At Kings Savannahs, we take pride in our commitment to offering high-quality kittens. We subject all our cats to rigorous screening, DNA testing, and extensive Genealogy Research.

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Unveiling the Savannah Charm in Durham

Welcome to King Savannahs, where we proudly curate a Savannah experience that combines elegance with warmth. Nestled in the heart of Durham, North Carolina, our cattery isn’t just a breeding ground; it’s a nurturing home where our cherished kittens flourish alongside dogs and children.

Our breeding philosophy centers on a meticulous selection process. We thoughtfully assess both the physical attributes and personalities of our Studs and Queens, ensuring that they pass on only the most exceptional traits to our kittens.

Allow us to introduce Natalie, the powerhouse behind King Savannahs. Her extensive background in the medical field for humans mirrors her fervor for the Savannah breed. As a certified expert in Animal Genetics and Animal Breeding, Natalie sets and maintains the highest standards for our breeding program. Each cat undergoes thorough screening, DNA testing, and extensive Genealogy Research, solidifying the legacy of excellence for which Kings Savannahs is renowned.

We take great pride in our status as a TICA Registered Cattery, a testament to the rigorous quality standards we uphold. Within our cattery, our team is not just a group; we are a family. Our TICA registered kittens are raised underfoot, ensuring they are well-socialized and in robust health.

Experience the essence of Savannah in Durham with King Savannahs. Welcome a kitten that embodies the perfect blend of pedigree and companionship into your home today.




King Savannah
Tabor City, North Carolina

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